Your gift will support the efforts of the ACAE Foundation in providing assistance to members of ACAE in furthering their educational and professional development in the association management field as well as support of charitable causes.

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 Scholarship Funds for ACAE Members
ACAE is dedicated to advancing the professional goals of its members, thereby increasing their competency, enhancing their career opportunities and improving the quality of their professional life. The ACAE Foundation Board of Trustees has established a scholarship program to provide ACAE member professionals financial aid for the training and expenses involved in obtaining the CAE, CMP or other professional designation.  
In selecting recipients, the Trustees will consider the applicant’s participation in the following ACAE activities:  
 a. Two years minimum membership;  
 b. Regular attendance at Council activities;  
 c. Participation in Council seminars or education programs;  
 d. Leadership and service to ACAE Board and/or committees.  
This scholarship will entitle the recipient to receive up to $2,500 toward exam fees, books, preparatory courses and/or travel expenses related to obtaining the CAE, and up to $1,000 toward the CMP or other professional designation.  The ACAE Foundation Trustees will determine the successful applicants and the amount of scholarship funds to be awarded after reviewing the written application.
The CAE, CMP or professional exam must be taken within 12 months of the date that the scholarship is awarded. 
Scholarship Application:  Candidates must complete the Scholarship Fund Application form. The application will include the following additional information. Completed CAE, CMP or professional designation application;  
Applicant’s Resume (including current position, experience, education and  professional affiliation);  
Estimation of expenses and other sources of funding (i.e., amount that the applicant’s association/employer will be paying toward the certification process);  
A statement of how the applicant believes obtaining this professional designation will benefit them and the association/hospitality community.

Foundation Application