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Membership Categories & Annual Dues

Regular Members: $125.00

A Regular Member shall be an association executive or those staff personnel employed in a management capacity, or professional or technical non-management capacity in support of the management of the association, recommended by his or her chief executive officer, devoting substantial time to association duties and maintaining an office in Alabama. An unemployed Regular member who is seeking employment as an association executive may continue to hold regular membership for a period not to exceed twelve (12) months.

Associate Members: $250.00

An Associate Member shall be an individual employed in the hotel/convention/hospitality industry representing a
designated property whose primary business is selling meeting and convention facilities and services to the associations managed by the Regular Members. Associate Members may not vote.

Affiliate Members: $250.00

An Affiliate Member shall be an individual representing a designated firm whose principal business is a supplier of services and products to Regular and Associate members, and who is approved by the procedure established. Affiliate Members may not vote.

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